the Written Word

MISSION STATEMENT: Advancing the written word


BiP delivers truthful information in nonfiction and narrative form, eradicating the false history and deceptions that form our current perception of the world, and elevating consciousness through emotion and cognition.


We seek to elevate, not destroy, to always work from a paradigm of truth, and when possible, in-keeping with the philosophy of NuRealism, which encapsulates the essence of progressive proactive thought and is based on a factual view of history.


About the NuREALISM movement, by founder, Nikola Matic:


"Abstraction is passe. Too many artists produce abstract vague art that doesn't mean anything and is open to interpretation.

The NuRealism movement is the polar opposite of abstract art. It is in your face - it deals with the most important questions that face humanity without candy coating."