the Written Word




Well-written pieces of any genre or nature are welcome, as long as they expand upon, play with, or break open one of society's established moirés or concepts. 


Our books are on the forefront of perception, and we are looking to change the way people think and perceive reality. Dystopian novels about zombies are not interesting to us. Neither are vampires, per se. We desire an awakened world view, encapsulated in the particular, whether it is considered fiction or nonfiction.


Query should include a one paragraph description of how your work challenges common conception (s). Include length, genre, and your reason for writing it. 

Please read our mission page and tell us how your work aligns with what we do. Include the first chapter of your notes or manuscript, even if it is in raw form.


Email queries only.



The sweeping changes that have ocurred in the publishing industry have dramatically affecting writers and those who wish to publish. In keeping with the industry evolution BiP is developing strategies to increase the output of quality creative and informational work while preserving those who create the material. We wish to prevent our most vital resource--you, the author--from becoming extinct.


We work with two primary models in varying combinations:



If we accept your work we will publish it cost free on a royalty basis and will take our expenses out of the back end.



We provide the services necessary to get your book published either with us, another publishing company, or as an independent author. These services are priced according to your needs. Publication with BiP is upon acceptance.



We provide the services necessary to get your book published. These services vary according to your needs.


We can not guarantee that a publisher will pick up your book after using our services, but we can guarantee that you will be taken seriously as an author.