Publishing & Author


The publishing world has transformed drastically over the past two decades, with ever-changing algorithms leaving indie authors as well as publishing houses of every size struggling to keep up.


Publishing has become an ad hoc institution. Writers and their careers are no longer nurtured, instead, the survival of the written word is based on how much time an aspiring or established author is willing to commit to non-writing endeavors, or how much he is able to pay.


Brooklyn Indie Press was not created to dupe, exploit or take money from overwhelmed, would-be writers. Rather, BiP was formed during this time of transition to provide those with talent, drive and something important to say with the means to say it.


In this evolving industry opportunities abound to help get your work out there in its most creative, effective form. For us, this is done with integrity and respect for the art form and its creators.



If you have a compelling reason for 

telling a story or for getting information out there, we will help you find your words. If you have a manuscript that is wonderful but needs assistance, we will help shape it. If your manuscript simply needs a final touch we will help with that too.

Creation & Publishing

Editing, proofreading, ebook formatting, print formatting, digital cover design, paperback cover design, interior illustrations-- the list to get your book ready for publishing can seem exhaustive. We take your words to print and digital page in record time.


Distribution &

Synopsis, book blurb, key words, meta tags, SEO, author website, logo, branding, Amazon author page, list creation, email integration, social media--what is all this and how is an author to do it all? We help with these things as well as with book reviews, press releases, book trailers and in general, creating all the necessary tools to get the word out.